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A repair request that would be considered an emergency can be submitted online, however PLEASE ALSO CALL US DIRECTLY.

Please leave a detailed explanation of where the problem is and when the problem started.

Every single repair request will be recorded and prioritized accordingly.

    The following will be required during our visit in keeping with current health & safety best practices:
    1. Residents must wear a mask & practice social distancing
    2. Upon arrival, all windows must be opened to improve ventilation and air conditioning units remain off.
    3. We may place a fan in the doorway to improve ventilation and bring in fresh outside air.
    4. When possible tenants must wait outside while we are conducting repairs to minimize any chances of indoor air transmission should someone be asymptomatic.

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    • Office Phone
      • 818.508.6985
    • Office Fax
      • 818.508.7241
    • Mailing Address
      • PO Box 2733, Toluca Lake, CA 90036

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