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Residential Phone, Television, and Internet

If you wish to set-up satellite television, please speak to us before doing so! Please be aware that not all services may be available in your specific location.

Important Resident Information

The most important questions can be answered here.

Accidents occur at home more than anywhere else. Fires, floods, damaged property—you name it. Take the necessary prevention to safeguard your cherished belongings in case the worst happens. At Goldman Property Group, we encourage all of our residents to acquire renters insurance for personal property and liability coverage. If you currently have renters insurance, please contact us so we may obtain your insurance declaration. Our insurance will not cover your personal property. The deductible you select is the risk you are willing to take on. We do not pay your deductible.

Contact your primary insurance carrier for more information.

We are pleased to let you know we have simplified your satellite television experience. All of our building are equipped with a centralized dish system that brings you Directv and international satellite services (for foreign language television). To preserve the integrity of our properties we do not allow any dishes to be installed, or affixed to the property. If you would like satellite television please call 800-801-1145 to schedule an installation appointment for your unit.

We love pets but we also try our best to keep our units and buildings in optimal condition. Please read over our set rules and restrictions in regards to acquiring a new pet:

  • You must contact us via phone or email asking permission to get a new pet.
  • Even if you speak with a representative from Goldman Property Group over the phone you must receive a written confirmation from us before you bring your pet home.


If you are approved for a pet:

  • We may require a monthly pet fee in addition to your rent.
  • All necessary forms and documentation must be filled out and signed before you may bring your pet home.
  • You may not bring your new pet home until we receive your pet fee.


If we approve the new pet, you are fully responsible for making sure that the pet does not bother the other tenants. We feel very strongly that every tenant in your building has the right to feel comfortable and respected in their home. If your pet inhibits this, we may have to ask you to move or find a new home for your pet.

We appreciate your understanding. We know that pets are a very important part of people’s lives—that’s why we try to be sensitive to each resident’s needs. We ask that in turn, please be sensitive to our policies.

At Goldman Property Group we attempt to make both the transition into and out of your home as smooth as possible. Here are a few steps that need to be followed in accordance with your lease agreement, so here is what to expect.

  1. We do not rent by the day. A minimum of 30 days notice must be given in writing using our online “Move Out Form”. If you wish to give us more than 30 days notice that is acceptable as well. 
  2. If you wish to have a walk-through performed by a representative in our office we are willing to do one during the last two weeks of your residency. A walk-through request must be submitted separately in writing through the contact form on our website. When a walk-through is performed, please be advised that repair costs and estimates can not be accurately represented as our vendors will not have yet invoiced us for any work performed at that time.
  3. If you do not vacate in accordance with your notice you will be billed. Please remember your deposit is never your last month’s rent. You must pay the amount due.
  4. After you’ve completely vacated the unit of all your belongings and you’ve finished cleaning your unit, take move-out photos and upload them via a form that will be automatically emailed to you on the day you will be fully vacated.
  5. Upon vacating the unit please leave your apartment keys, front door keys, mailbox keys, laundry keys, and garage door remotes in a kitchen drawer.
  6. Lastly, please lock the door behind you.

Ready to begin the move out process? CLICK HERE

The City of Los Angeles Department of Sanitation has implemented a new trash program referred to as recycLA that will affect all multi-family apartment buildings located within the City of Los Angeles. 

How it will affect building owners:

This trash program will force building owners to use a private trash company of the City’s choosing. Building owners will no longer get select or contract with a trash provider of their choice.  Trash bins not locked behind a gate or trash bins which are accessible to non-building residents will need to remain locked while not in use. Residents who live in a property where the bin is exposed (as described above) will have access to the bin with either a key or a combination. 

How it will affect apartment residents:

The recycLA trash program will require residents who occupy apartments to adhere to very strict guidelines pertaining to the way trash is sorted and disposed of. If the guidelines are not followed the City of Los Angeles will impose fines on the property.  Fines can be given for improperly sorting and disposing of waste, trash receptacles that are overfilled, boxes that are not broken down, trash that is placed beside the bin, trash that is not collected/picked up because it is being blocked by a vehicle or other personal belongings. These large fines will be passed on to the residents of the property as the residents would be the offenders. It will be impossible for Goldman Property Group to identify the responsible party or individual resident.  As a result, fines will not be allocated to the individual offender but rather to the entire resident population of that property

For this reason, residents should encourage their neighbors to follow the new trash guidelines as these fines will affect everyone.  Depending upon the property, residents will be required to relock the trash bin after they are finished disposing of waste.  If trash bins are located behind remote operated gates you can expect those gates to remain open between the hours of 6:00 am and 6:00 pm on the day(s) trash is collected from the property.

All private trash contracts that are currently in affect will begin to switch toward franchise based trash contracts November 1st 2017.  Compost Disposal Bins should arrive between January 1st 2019 and March 1st 2019.  Due to the magnitude of this change, the City of Los Angeles has been unable to provide a clear roll-out strategy so we will keep you updated with the most current information.

Finally, we ask that all residents begin practicing the sorting of compostable waste, recycling, and garbage.  It is very important to get in the habit of doing this as there is a zero-tolerance policy imposed by the City of Los Angeles regarding this matter once it takes effect. 

What goes in the blue bin? Click Here

What goes in the black bin? Click Here

What goes in the green bin? Click Here

Bed Bugs are generally more resistant than other insects to insecticidal sprays and other control measures. Therefore, early detection, reporting, and cooperation with inspections and treatments are important to prevent and eradicate bedbug infestation. Under state law, tenants must cooperate with the landlord and their agents with inspections to facilitate the detection and treatment of bedbugs, including providing requested information that is necessary to facilitate the detection and treatment of bedbugs to the pest control operator. Tenants must also cooperate with pest control operators by reducing clutter, washing clothes, or performing other activities. A basic understanding of bedbugs is important to preventing or treating infestation: Bed Bug Appearance: Bed bugs have six legs. Adult bed bugs have flat bodies about 1/4 of an inch in length. Their color can vary from red and brown to copper colored. Young bed bugs are very small. Their bodies are about 1/16 of an inch in length. They have almost no color. When a bed bug feeds, its body swells, may lengthen, and becomes bright red, sometimes making it appear to be a different insect. Bed bugs do not fly. They can either crawl or be carried from place to place on objects, people, or animals. Bed bugs can be hard to find and identify because they are tiny and try to stay hidden. Life Cycle and Reproduction: An average bed bug lives for about 10 months. Female bed bugs lay one to five eggs per day. Bed bugs grow to full adulthood in about 21 days. Bed bugs can survive for months without feeding. Bed Bug Bites: Because bed bugs usually feed at night, most people are bitten in their sleep and do not realize they were bitten. A person’s reaction to insect bites is an immune response and so varies from person to person, if at all. Common Signs and Symptoms of a Possible Bed Bug Infestation: • Small red to reddish brown fecal spots on mattresses, box springs, bed frames, mattresses, linens, upholstery, or walls. • Molted bed bug skins, white, sticky eggs, or empty eggshells. • Very heavily infested areas may have a characteristically sweet odor. • Red, itchy bite marks, especially on the legs, arms, and other body parts exposed while sleeping. However, some people do not show bed bug lesions on their bodies even though bed bugs may have fed on them. Importance of Cooperation for Prevention and Treatment: To prevent and treat bed bug infestations, it is important for owner(s) and tenant(s) to work together. Procedure to Report Suspected Infestations: If you suspect that your unit has a bed bug problem, promptly provide the rental property owner with a written notice containing the following information: 1) description of what was discovered; 2) date/time infestation was discovered; 3) location of infestation; 4) name, unit number, and contact information. You may contact the landlord online and in writing via a repair request In addition to submitting it in writing please call (818) 508-6985. For more information about bed bugs, see the Internet Websites of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the National Pest Management Association.


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